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​​The question isn’t, “Why should I bank with a community bank?” The question is, “Why shouldn’t you?”

Larger mega-banks may have prominent visibility on TV and the internet, but what’s the value of that visibility to you as a customer? Do they have great customer service to go with it? Is the customer experience any better? Do you have faster and more convenient access to your money? Can you get personalized answers to important questions?

The answer is most likely “No.” And in fact, there are a lot of reasons why you might want to stay local when it comes to your money. Here are some of the most important ones.

Community Banks Don’t Speculate With Your Money

What happens to your money when you deposit it at a bigger “box bank”? They invest it elsewhere outside of the local community. A community bank, in most cases, keeps that money local while lending to local businesses and individuals. They’re more interested in managing their customers’ money as it pertains to the community itself. They reinvest in and aid the local community, which can be worth more to everybody, including you, in the long run.

Community banks will, for instance, engage in small business and mortgage lending. That means they directly support businesses and families in the region where you actually live. Moreover, community banks can often make capital investments in small businesses that multinational banks either cannot or tend to overlook.

Community Banks Can Provide the Same or Better Services Found at Mega-banks

Community banks serve their local area. They do business within and among the community, investing in and aiding local companies and entrepreneurs in various projects, businesses, and needs. The services they offer are therefore tailored around the needs of that community.

Instead of going somewhere else for mortgages, loans, credit cards, and other financial services, members of that community can bank with the same local institutions embedded in the communities where they buy their groceries and do their shopping. Depending on the account type, there’s usually no fee for opening an account, and the rates and terms can be better than at large banks. You can find yourself getting much more from your money without sacrificing the quality of service you would receive elsewhere.

Community Banks Offer a More Personalized Experience

There’s nothing quite like the personal attention that comes with banking in a smaller community. Smaller banks are often better positioned to offer personalized service because the people who manage them and serve as bankers are familiar with their community’s needs and financial situations. You’re not just another customer who can get lost in the shuffle.

Put it this way: The individual customer often matters more to a community bank. They’re less interested in maximizing profits and minimizing costs and more interested in a meaningful relationship. Your account can receive direct and personalized attention precisely because your face isn’t just another face—your face is known. Your money is in the hands of people who know your name and actually care whether or not you succeed.

All of this may seem like a novel idea, but it could simply be how business is meant to be done. A community bank is large enough to be effective but small enough to care.

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