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Discover our innovative suite of technologies for better cash and asset management

Our team of Treasury Service Specialists have assembled a suite of tools and services that provide perspective and control for your business.

Business Online Banking

Access your account information online through our Business Online Banking. Features include:

  • Real-time views of account balances and pending items
  • Create sub-users with different access levels
  • Download transaction information
  • View Text and PDF versions of past statements
  • View the front or back of individual checks, deposits, etc.
  • Real-time transfers between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Set email alerts for customer defined thresholds, loan payment dates, etc.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

The Automated Clearing House provides a safe, efficient method to move money without the expense of paper check stock or wire transfer. The ACH Department ensures secure and accurate processing of each file received. Easily transmit ACH files through our Business Online Banking site to process recurring bills, employee payroll, and collect payments. Protect your account with ACH Filter by screening incoming ACH transactions reducing the risk of fraud by identifying unauthorized debit transactions.

Wire Transfer Origination

Our online wire transfer service allows you to transfer funds for same-day settlement and finalize payments to conduct critical fund movements easily and reliably through our Business Online Banking website.

Remote Deposit Capture

Save time handling your checks! Send your check deposits to the bank remotely, allowing you to focus on your business and submit deposits on your schedule.

  • Added convenience
    You and your employees can focus on the business instead of trips to the bank. No need to write out deposit slips they will be electronically created for you.
  • Saves money
    Reduction in transportation or courier costs.
  • Improved security
    Lower risk of lost deposits or carrying deposit bags.
  • Record keeping
    You will have access to your deposited checks, which makes your customer service and research quicker and more efficient.

Positive Pay

Protect your business from losses and check fraud with Positive Pay. Quickly identify, review, and act upon suspicious or unauthorized checks presented for payment. Positive Pay customers provide a daily file detailing all checks they have issued. This file is imported into the bank’s system for comparison to checks being presented for payment against a customer’s account. If an unauthorized payment is presented, you have ample time to review all exception items before making the final “pay” or “return” decisions.

Merchant Services

As a business owner, you know that credit and debit card acceptance is essential to the success of your business. It’s convenient for your customers and efficient for you. Increase your sales by accepting credit and debit cards. Our merchant processing services will help take the hassle out of accepting payments so you can focus on running your business. InterBank is dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date technology, products, and services. By partnering with BancCard, an industry leader for modern merchant services, InterBank has the ability to empower business customers with leading-edge payment processing solutions such as:

  • Point-of-sale terminals
  • Wireless technology
  • Online payment gateways (E-commerce)
  • Mobile card readers
  • Email invoicing
  • Personalized support

Business Debit Cards

InterBank’s Business Debit Card gives you and your employees the ability to make business-related purchases without the hassle of writing a check or carrying cash. As a business account holder, you can assign these cards to designated employees authorized to make purchases on behalf of your company, and easily track their expenses in real-time through our Business Online Banking site.

Setup your Business Debit Cards in our convenient Card Manager app. Our Card Manager app helps you control your cards through your mobile device, making it easy to set alerts, prevent fraud, and manage your finances on the go.

Payroll Debit Cards

Our Payroll Debit Cards can be loaded through direct deposit and are a good option for your employees without a checking account. This service eliminates the need for paper payroll checks, saving your business time and money. The cards hold a stored value and can be reloaded quickly and easily. Once the card is loaded with funds, your employees can use it to make purchases and withdraw cash from ATMs.

Payroll Processing

Manage payroll and HR tasks with ease. We partner with Paychex® to provide business customers with a more innovative solution to easily manage your business and employees. Manage when and how you want – from desktop or mobile – and control payroll software solution costs with innovative Paychex Flex® technology, compliance experts, and HR support.

Treasury Services leadership with a passion for business

lnterBank is proud to offer the experience and solutions that provide perspective and control for your business.

Whitney Hauge
Whitney Hauge

Senior Vice President
Treasury Services Manager

All Treasury products and services are subject to approval.

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