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Online ads are a great way to sell your items, however it comes with some risk.   Unfortunately many InterBank customers have been victims and lost hundreds or thousands of dollars due to an online purchase/sale that was fraudulent.    Being aware of the risks can protect you from someone who is wanting to take advantage of you.    The following are helpful tips to keep you safe and protect you from fraud:

Recognizing Scams:

Most scams will come via email or text from an unknown individual who is not local to your area.
The request may have generic text asking about ‘the item’ and not the particular thing you are selling, and may include poor grammar/spelling.

Initial Contact:

Deal with potential buyers local to your area.  If you choose to sell to a non-local buyer be extremely careful, it is rare that the item you are selling can’t be found in their area.
Create an email you use only for selling items if contact is by email.
Limit giving out any personal information.

Fraud Precautions:

Never wire funds to a buyer (through a Bank or Western Union, etc) for overpayment or shipping.
Verify the check is legitimate by contacting their bank – do not ship or give the item to the buyer until you know funds are good.
NEVER give out your account information.

Physical Safety when picking up/delivering the item:

Always trust your instincts-If it doesn’t feel right don’t continue with the transaction.
Take your cell phone when meeting the buyer.
Take someone with you.
Meet in a public place such as your Bank or local Police station.
Let your friends and family know where you are meeting.